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Blockchain Consultancy

I have been working in the bitcoin space since 2011 as early adopter. Starting from setting up my own mining equipment and setting up my own software. Also I have learned a lot from my own mistakes and can therefore give you real practical advise about what can possibly go wrong, what you have to be careful about and how you can manage your security for your coins in the best way possible and how to avoid getting scammed.

I can give you detailed insight on

-How cryptocurrency works on a theoretical level, more specifically:

  • What is a peer to peer network
  • What is a hashing algorithm and how does it work
  • What is proof of work
  • Introduction into asynchronic cryptographical methods

-How you can use cryptocurrency on a practical level, more specifically:

  • How you can get INTO bitcoin and crypto
  • How you can STORE your bitcoin and cryptos safely
  • How you can USE your bitcoin and cryptos in practical terms
  • How you can get OUT OF bitcoin and crypto.

All my practical consultancy services for the practical uses of bitcoin that are regulatory consultancy are handled in the context of the Bitcoin Embassy Switzerland. I would therefore redirect you to the following pages:

The team there will give you detailed advise about crypto in person. In case you want a personal training from me personally, please book a meeting with me directly.

Financial Consultancy

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