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Registration Dossiers and Applications

Registration dossiers require you to compile a huge pile of documents. You just dont see it anymore because they are in electronic format.

Before preparing any applications I can can set up a proper registration strategy for you, so you would achieve full compliance for getting your substances on the market. This does not only apply to the obligations of the REACH (EC / 1907/2006 regulation) regulation, but I will also submit relevant registration dossiers and applications for related and other chemical legisltative fragemworks. Before undertaking the work itself, I will carefully assess all data requirements, evaluate data and prepare IUCLID registration dossiers. For non-EU manufacturers I can also perform the role of an Only Representative or for importers or EU manufacturers, I can act as your third party representative. For phase-in substances that have not been pre-registered and all non-phase-in substances I will take care of the inquiry process as part of the registration process.

What sort of dossiers can I create or maintain for you? Here an excerpt:

  • REACH Registration Dossiers
  • Biocidal Product Applications
  • CLP Notifications
  • Dossiers for Inquiry and PPORD
  • REACH Authorisation Dossiers
  • REACH Regulation Compliance Audits & preparation for Inspections in the European Union
  • Exposure Scenarios
  • Toxicological, Ecotoxicological and Physicochemical Testing for REACH (through partner laboratory)
  • Supply chain communication management
  • Downstream User reports and notifications
  • Preparation, update and translation of compliant Safety Data Sheets according to REACH Regulation
  • Post-registration documents for REACH compliance

I will actively participate in the Substance Information Exchange Fora (SIEF) and collect existing data to minimize all costs for you. In case coregistrants are not cooperative I will also take care of the data sharing disputes. All information for REACH registration will be brought together by me into the registration dossier  and submitted to ECHA via REACH-IT.

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