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Banking and capital market law is an important focus of my work. It is often not known that this specialist area is characterized by a large number of legal sub-areas. The area of ​​work goes far beyond the generally known case groups of the injured investors.

The area of ​​work and the proven specialist knowledge of a specialist expert for banking and capital market law primarily include knowledge in the following sub-areas (list is not exhaustive):

  • 1. Business relationship between bank and customer, in particular
  • a) General terms and conditions,
    b) banking contract law,
    c) the account and its special forms,
  • 2. Credit contract law and credit protection including international business,
  • 3. Payment transactions, in particular
  • a) transfer, direct debit, bill of exchange and check transactions,
    b) EC card and electronic / internet banking,
    c) credit card business,
  • 4. Securities trading, custody business, investment business, syndicate / issuing business including international business,
  • 5. Asset management, asset custody,
  • 6. factoring / leasing,
  • 7. Money laundering, data protection, bank fees,
  • 8. Banking Supervision Law, European Community Banking Law and Antitrust Law,
  • 9. Tax references to banking and capital market law,
  • 10. Special features of procedural and procedural law.

I am specialized on the needs of smaller and in particular, medium-sized companies and financial service providers, investment advisors and asset managers, financial intermediaries as well as trading platforms and initiators of other capital investments. In particular can I cover all requirements for startups involving cryptocurrencies.

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