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Substance Inventory

Do you know which materials and substances you are using?

I will go through your portfolio and set up on the basis of the given informatio a complete and thorough substance inventory. This includes not only the full set of identification informatoin (CAS, EINECS, IUPAC naming, etc.), but also the set of potential limits and restrictions of the particular substance. Based on the substance inventory one can set up a regulatory stragtegy and see which chemicals are placed on the market, or which substances are used in products (or in the production process).

Starting from the inventory one can then  gather information on its properties, assess volumes, specific uses, and concentrations, and, for each substance, determine its regulatory impact and the current but also future regulatory status.

Using this inventory information allows then also to provide an analysis and individual evaluation of obligations under all regulatory frameworks that affect you, such as REACH, CLP, Seveso, Biocide or WEEE/RoHS regulations and directives.

You can only make good decisions about how to tackle all the regulatory burden when you know what you have to tackle. 

Obviously you do not want to do expensive testing, so I have developed many methods on how you can use a common sense appraoch based on exisitng information (e.g. from your supplies or from public sources) that will help you to set up your inventory as efficient as possible.

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