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Safety Datasheets and Compliance Documents

It should not be called safety data sheet but rather safety data BOOK. Thanks government.

Safety data sheets are particularly relevant for users of chemicals, they ultimately provide information about the identity of the respective product. How to properly create such a document.

Creating a safety data sheet is a challenge for every company. The use of software products can support entrepreneurs as an aid to action. However, the responsibility for the accuracy of the information ultimately rests with the person who places the product on the market.

The person who places the product on the market is responsible for ensuring that the safety data sheet is technically correct and complete. It is important that this document is regularly updated to reflect the current state of knowledge. This is the case when new information affects risk management measures, new information about hazards becomes available or there are permits and restrictions. Basic requirements for the preparation of safety data sheets are contained in Article 31 (requirements for safety data sheets) in conjunction with Annex II (guidelines for the preparation of the safety data sheet) of REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006.

I can assist you with a specialized software to create and maintain compliant safety data sheets for you.

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