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Financial Compliance Documents

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have been making headlines regularly since the beginning of this decade. Once ridiculed as a stupid idea for nerds, the technology behind it, the so-called blockchain, has meanwhile shown what potential it has. This technology is now used directly in many areas of the digital economy. The virtual (cryptographic) means of payment itself and the idea of ​​a decentralized currency without dependence on a central bank not only continue to exist, but is also extremely popular. The best example of this is still the virtual currency Bitcoin, which despite high fluctuations has tended to be used worldwide and has turned out to be pretty crisis-resistant.

As an expert in the field of Financial Regulation I can prepare all financial compliance documents for you. Be it the documents for an ICO, the annual reporting documents or the risk management concept. I have also documented processes and I have successfully prepared the compliance documents for various projects so that they have been accepted in full by the regulatory bodies.

I have personally followed the space almost from his birth and gave the first online lectures already in 2013. Having successfully applied for many financial licenses I can proudly say that I am one of the leading experts for regulatory compliance in the space of virtual currencies and their legal implications. The focus is on the regulatory aspects of dealing with cryptocurrencies and the question of whether and in what form a financial license is required for the individual business models and how you can obtain such a  license.

I can prepare the compliance documents for domestic and international founders and service providers whose business models are based on Bitcoin or other blockchain models, as well as banks and other financial service institutions that see new business areas in cryptographic currencies. I can in particular support start-ups and established players who want to clarify or waste their time themselves on what requirements in terms of regulatory law and compliance bring these new opportunities and how these need to be documented.

Another aspect that is frequently in demand is the tax treatment of the various transaction and storage options. When you allow me to provide consultancy and the preparation of compliance documents at the earliest possible stage in order to make necessary regulatory approvals with the authorities in good time and to be able to provide comprehensive information on corporate and contractual options.

A particularly topical issue in this context is the so-called ICO (“Initial Coin Offering”). These transactions are often about distributing a kind of participation in a company or in a product or service of a company to interested parties via an issue of digital tokens. The difficulty here is also to recognize when such ICOs are subject to authorization, what emission requirements exist and what risks need to be clarified. This need for a comprehensive legal clarification has only increased significantly after the Federal Financial Supervisory Authorities published a detailed report on this and emphasized the view that in its eyes an ICO is regularly concerned with regulatory matters. Because, like Bitcoin & Co, the digital tokens can be units of account within the meaning of the German Banking Act. Commercial trading in such tokens would then require the issuing company to have a license. In addition, issuing companies must expect prospectus requirements.

It therefore makes sense to get professional help and a reliable assessment in advance to avoid liability risks and to clarify whether the ICO can also be designed in such a way that no financial license is required.

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