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My consultancy is mostly about what you should NOT do and why.

The regulator is not here to help you. They might pretend to care about your business, but they do not. They care about their own job, just as everybody else. Therefore, most bureaucrats in the field of chemical legislation will just try do their job, according to the procedures and work tasks they get from their hierarchy. Also, like companies, the regulatory bodies like ECHA or the national authorities are struggling for resources, for budgets and competences. Except that there is also a toxic political level on top of them. However, once you understand that these regulatory bodies are nothing else but corporations with a gun, you can understand better how to deal with them.

They will always have their own agenda, their own viewpoint and the “poor” guy doing the audits with you is, just like any police offier, “just following orders” and  “just doing his job”.

Do not even try to tell them how stupid the process is, they dont care how little resources you have and they also wont care if things make sense or not. When there is a comma missing in the compliance document and according to their process the comma has to be there, then you will do the comma. 

When you are cooperative and open they have no more incentive to make your life difficult more than what they must.

The best approach is therefore to always make a best effort approach so that you are able to show that you carefully thought about your internal strucutres and that you acted in time and with best faith.

I can explain you how the regulator thinks and works, where the “priorities” are for the authorities, how you can find the next 3 year plan of the enforcement teams. But also how to prepare your internal documents properly, which templates you can use and how to communicate the best way with the agents of the state.

I have filed many applications and I also had to learn the hard way that common sense is not always a thing. But having dealt 15 years with the authorities I think I can share my experience giving great value to you.

In that sense my consultancy is different than from anyone else. All these lawyers and consultants will always tell you what you should do. I will rather tell you what you should not do and I will do the rest, to bring you to full compliance at lowest risk for your enterprise.



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